Triple Threat


‘When you do dance, I wish you a

wave o’the sea, that you might

ever do nothing but that’

Razzle dazzle, oh, what a song and dance!

‘Stand tall, turn on the phrase, five, six, seven, eight’

Gyrating, pulsating, this one big change

Whispers in the dressing rooms, ‘Is she late?’

All those Pirouettes of hopes and dreams

Pushy mothers battle for centre stage

Only sixteen, costume bursting at the seems

Swollen tummy, three missing monthly’s rage

Hopes dashed, big mistake, the family’s disappointment

Childhood goals of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Teenage late night parties she did frequent

Backstage gossip ‘was it that cute tenor?’

Dad indoors dances a jig with his fist

What a waste, for a growing waist, lustful, tryst!


‘For you and I are past our dancing days’

Mother says ‘Abort, abort, abandon ship'

'Remember you have options’. Adopt? Abortion?

Leaflet in hand says avoid the cheese dip

Sleepy foetus, peaceful in contortion

lingers in her mind, how could she kill it?

Secretly, she hopes for a miscarriage

He played his games, but would never commit,

empty promises, no ring or marriage

A life for a life, death sentence for thrills

She’s got to grow up quick, trouble and strife.

But, not grown up enough to take her pills.

Mother, maybe? But she’ll never make a wife

‘Do you want to know the gender?’ Magic jelly

Strong small heartbeat, on a grainy telly.


‘You jig, you amble, and you lisp’

Pushy mothers of the stage and the screen

Living their dreams vicariously

Wire coat hanger in hand, vain and mean

Walking a tightrope precariously,

daughters aim to please, but hair brushes do whip,

hair into tight buns of hairspray and pins

and needles in dance shoes. ‘Don’t give me lip’

‘You were late on the beat, practice your spins’

It’s a cycle you see, mothers to girls

Bitter in failure and something to prove

Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest, hair in curls

‘Get it together, get into the groove’

Just because, you didn’t make it Mom

Childhood trauma, is a ticking time bomb!

   Copyright © Sarah Armstrong as ‘Dita Kelly’ 2021